Endoscopy For Gynaecology

Aside from diagnostic hysteroscopy, which has increasingly established itself as the standard method in clinics and gynecological practices in recent years, therapeutic interventions are gaining greater importance. However, operative hysteroscopy places high demands on the surgeon.

The R+D department at Richard Wolf has developed innovative products and modular system solutions in close cooperation with gynecologists. A special highlight in the development of instruments for operative hysteroscopy is represented by the “Resection Master“, consisting of a resectoscope with an integrated suction channel and a special, microprocessor controlled pump aggregate with an impulse transmitter for suctioning off the chip cuttings.


Method / Applications : Gynaecological Laparoscopy

Although laparoscopy was described as early as 1900, this method first began to be used by the gynaecology community in the 1970s. The laparoscope was first used for diagnostic purposes and subsequently as an instrument for sterilisations. During the course of the 1980s, its therapeutic importance during surgical interventions became clear.

Richard Wolf GmbH was responsible for a large number of innovations during this period which contributed to this trend.

Our PANOVIEW telescopes with highest optical quality, our ergonomic MODUline forceps and scissors as well as our needle holders with axial handles, unique suction-irrigation systems and RIWO-ART trocars show only a small selection of the varied instruments for gynaecological laparoscopy.


  • Telescopes / surgical laparoscopes
  • Modular forceps and scissors system
  • Trocars and accessories
  • Uterus manipulator
  • Instruments for monopolar and bipolar coagulation / HF electrodes
  • Modular needle holders
  • System for simple fascia closure
  • Modular suction - irrigation system
  • Morcellator




The use of electronic morcellators in gynecological laparoscopy has been established for a long time. New trends in the treatment concept for intramural myoma and most importantly the introduction of laparoscopic, supracervical hysterectomy require advanced development of new systems geared toward further simplifying the application of not unhazardous morcellators and making them safer to use. Rapid dissemination of these methods results in an increased demand worldwide.

We are meeting the challenge of this global trend with our new product “MORCE POWER PLUS”.


The new generation of electronic morcellators 2307

With the new development of the Morce Power Plus morcellation system, Richard Wolf has created the ideal conditions for simple, fast and safe morcellation of even large amounts of tissue.



The new SecuFix Uterus Manipulator defines new benchmarks for safety. The atraumatic fi xation of the uterus using vacuum aspiration and "Colpotransillumination", i.e. the option of visualizing tissue using distal,
annular illumination for the cervical cap are the signifi cant new product features. They are important factors for an optimum surgical result and permit compliance with oncological criteria, e.g. the avoidance of intraperitoneal tumor cell dislocation.



The outstanding materials used in this premium product for HF gynecology meet all the exacting standards of gynecologists working with hysteroscopes.
Although the material of the Bioptrode has a natural stiffness, the processing of a semielastic steel means that the Bioptrode can also be used in classic hysteroscopy instruments with an angled 5 Fr. working channel. The stiffness and simultaneous flexibility of the Bioptrode helps the gynecologist in fine exposure, dissection and coagulation during hysteroscopy.



Advanced PANOVIEW rod-lens technology has enabled the outside diameter to be reduced to 3.8 mm. This compact design offers “All-in-One” additional protection for the delicate optical system. True Continuous Flow Technology – i.e. separate inflow and outflow channels – also maintains ideal visibility conditions in difficult situations even when an auxiliary instrument is introduced.


Product: Resection Master

The resectoscope is considered worldwide to be the "Gold Standard" in the therapy of intracavitary myomas. In a myoma resection the chips float in the dilatation medium and this makes it more difficult to maintain control, since the chips have to be removed frequently. Every time the resectoscope is reintroduced, coagulated blood must firstly be rinsed out and the hydrometra re-established until a good view of the operating site is obtained, then the resection can continue. There is an increased risk of perforation due to these manipulations. There is an increased risk of the dreaded TUR syndrome, especially with longer surgery times.

With the RESECTION MASTER chips are aspirated immediately they are produced and removed from the cavity of the uterus without the hydrometra being impaired. Repeated interruptions of the resection are no longer the case, it is not necessary to time and again remove and reintroduce the resectoscope. There is continuous control during the entire myoma resection because of the automatic chip aspiration. As a result, the surgery time is significantly shortened. This results in a clear reduction of complications compared with using the conventional resectoscope, and the surgeon can resect the myoma completely and with much less difficulty.

  • Simplified resection
  • Continuously in control
  • Reduced surgery times