Ent / Diagnostic

ATMOS S 61 Servant Instruments

More time for your patients by a well thought arrangement

  • Clear separation between clean and dirty areas (waste bin, bowl for used instruments)
  • Quick and easy exchange of the bowl for used instruments, even when filled with disinfectant solution (wet dropping)
  • The systematic arrangement of large and small trays made of different materials (stainless steel, aluminium, melamine) ensures optimum instrument placement
  • The closable roller-shutter cover protects the instruments
  • Drawers for the storage of consumables rarely needed instruments, etc.


Roller Shutter

For protecting your high-quality instruments, the ATMOS® S 61 instruments module can be equipped if needed with a central locking system to provide maximum protection for high quality instruments.


Retractable writing surface

Sometimes you may wish to take notes at the ENT workplace, this is possible by the extendable, stainless steel writing surface which is integrated below the instrument deposit.


Deposit for used instruments

Following treatment of your patient, used instruments will need to be removed from the working area and stored awaiting disinfection. The used instrument deposit is spacious and easily accessible.


Mirror pre-heating

The heated mirror holder has space for approx. 70 mirrors (size K2 to K7). In order to prevent the mirrors from fogging the holder is pre-heated to body temperature (38°C).