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ATMOS C 21/ C 31 Economy

Quality, comfort, and convenience – that’s the ATMOS difference.

The ATMOS C 31 is the perfect integration of superior quality equipment in an efficient, ergonomic workstation. From the minute your patient sits on the comfortable exam chair that can be easily rotated to the correct position, the office visit becomes a more pleasurable experience for both patient and doctor. Ear irrigations can be completed in seconds since the water supply and instruments are right at your fingertips in the workstation. Compressed air sprayers and suction tools are instantly activated when the handles are lifted. The microscope illuminates for enhanced view as soon as it is grasped. With accurate monitors and visualization systems a diagnosis can be made easily and charted electronically.


Sprayer for medicine/ compressed air

With one hand you can choose the requested medicine.

By taking out the handle, the compressed air system is in operation.


Visualisation of Diagnostic Results

?The ATMOS Cam 31 provides perfect image quality and is easy to handle – for use with optics and microscope.

The light source ATMOS LS 21 LED Innovative light technology offers many advantages:

  • perfect illumination (more powerful than 150 W halogen)
  • 50.000 h light


Optimised, time-saving workflow

By the perfect configuration of diagnostic devices and instrument management many patients can be treated – in many countries it is possible to treat 100 patients per day with the ATMOS C 31.


Hose rinsing

Powerful suction system with hose rinsing and cleaning of secretion glass (optional) saves time.


Ear irrigation

?The integrated irrigation system enables an ear irrigation to be performed within seconds.

The water supply is integrated in the workstation.