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High quality materials paired with the latest technologies

The ATMOS® C 11 Systema ENT treatment unit is manufactured from strong, durable, corrosion-resistant metal. Through careful design and the use of metal and PU materials, the ATMOS® C 11 Systema has smooth, easy to clean surfaces which are durable against heavy usage and disinfectant solutions.

The upper working surface can hold four large instrument trays (284 x 184 mm). Integrated into the unit below is one small drawer and large drawers for storage of instruments and consumables.


ATMOS C 11 Systema

Next generation ENT workstation technology. Effective working efficiency.

As one of the leading experts in fully equipped, high quality ENT workstation systems, we fully appreciate the requirements of ENT clinicians. As a result of this knowledge and experience we have developed the new ATMOS® C 11 Systema. In every ATMOS® C 11 Systema, our understanding of your needs is demonstrated and your experience in achieving optimum patient/doctor workflow is expressed.

The little giant – small footprint, high possibilities

You can start with a small, inexpensive system but this can grow as your needs develop. We believe in using the highest quality materials (metal construction), the latest technologies (LED illumination), and sophisticated hygiene concepts (independent, auto-clavable ear irrigation module) can be integrated in the new ATMOS® C 11 Systema.


Work faster and more efficient

Automatic headlight hook: The headlight illumination is automatically switched on and off when removed from or placed on the hook.

LED Light Cube / LED light source: LED - the light of the future - is already used for our technologies. Maintenance-free and noiseless! For endoscopes with or without light conductor the ATMOS® C 11 Systema offers the perfect solution with regard to maximum illumination and long service life.

Holder for handle and hoses: Your workflow is optimised with integrated supports for suction hose and compressed air handles with automatic on/off activation when removed or returned to the support.

Powerful suction pump: ATMOS has a global reputation for high quality, innovative and powerful suction systems. The ATMOS® C 11 Systema incorporates a high performance suction module designed specifically for ENT applications, the suction hose is automatically activated when removed from the support.?


Hygiene and secretion management

Powerful suction system with user-friendly autostart function. Easy manual secretion canister evacuation by DDS (Direct-Docking-System).

The secretion canister is equiped with a mechanical overflow protection and a hydrophobic bacterial filter. The secretion management can be used in conjunction with reusable secretion containers (DDS – Direct Docking System) or disposable secretion liner systems.

Used instruments can be easily placed in the used instrument deposit for reprocessing or disposal and your working area can be kept hygienically clean.


Mirror quick heater

At the touch of a button, conveniently and quickly warm your endoscopes and instruments above the mirror quick heater to prevent misting and maintain a clear view.

Includes automatic shutdown function.


Instrument management

Your instruments can be conveniently stored and are within easy reach.

Up to 2 optional storage levels are available and fulfill the strict hygiene requirements. Additional instrument capacity is available using the integrated drawers below. Optional with monitor arm or storage board.


Endoscope management

Hygienic and optimally adapted to your workflow:

The 1-channel endoscope management is designed to assist you in keeping your clean and dirty scopes separated. The ergonomic arrangement of the storage quivers allows you to clearly separate clean and used endoscopes.


Ear irrigation

The ear irrigation module with an integrated, independent water canister offers you the possibility to use warm water (37ºC) with compressed air for ear irrigation. This allows for independence from the mains water supply.


Compressed air module and sprayer management

Directly integrated into the worktop are three holders for medicament bottles and two holders for ear irrigation bottles. Both are used in conjunction with irrigation and compressed air option.

The compressed air module in connection with different sprayer bottles allows for an ear irrigation with warmed water and for the application of medication sprayers.



Use your ATMOS® C 11 Systema any time, anywhere by opting for system mobility. Four, smooth running, lockable castors allow you to easily relocate your system!

Floor cleaning and relocations are no problem!