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  • IV Stand

    IV Stand (Plain)

    • IV poles are essential for hospitals and medical clinics. IV Pole allows the effective administration of fluids and medicine through an IV drip that goes directly into the bloodstream. The stand has secure and sturdy features for comfortable and continuous treatment sessions with patients.
    • SMOOTH TRANSPORTATION – Patient movement is not hampered thanks to the IV stand’s smooth maneuverability. Convenient mobility affords patients more control over limited physical activities.
    • ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT – The height can be adjusted via a knob that can be easily released and tightened. Adjustable height allows for flexibility in applications, whether you’re lying on a bed or sitting in a wheelchair getting rehydration or pain medication. The pole features a height adjustment sleeve that prevents it from sliding downward. STRENGTH AND STABILITY – The IV Drip Stand is made of strong chrome plated Iron ideal for heavy use and repeated movement. The weighted base adds strength and stability and reduces the risk of tipping over.
  • IV Stand

    IV Stand(Deluxe)

    IV Stand For Hospital Bag Holder, Infusion Stand, Adjustable Hose Stand, IV Bag Stand.