MD- 50 (5L) – GCE Healthcare

The lightweight, ergonomically designed M50 oxygen concentrator makes life simpler for patients that require Long Term Oxygen Therapy (LTOT).

The M50 delivers high concentration of oxygen with flow rates of up to 5 litres per minute. Featuring a compact design, the M50 is easy to move, store and maintain- with just one minute needed to replace any part to be maintained by the user. It also comes with an integrated oxygen sensing device for monitoring oxygen purity levels, and a low oxygen purity alarm to alert the patient if there is low oxygen supply.



  • Lightweight – a mere 15 kg
  • Quiet operation
  • Sleek, compact design with handle for easier movement
  • Adjustable flow rate up to 5 litres per minute
  • Fire safe oxygen outlet port for added security
  • Low oxygen purity alarm for peace of mind
  • Compatible with various bubble humidifiers
  • Two year warranty


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