Prisma VENT AQUA (Humidifier)

With the new Prisma VENT AQUA, Löwenstein offers the ideal respiratory humidifier for Non-Invasive Ventilation (NIV). The system can be used together with different ventilators to deliver ideally conditioned respiratory gas to mechanically ventilated patients.

The humidifier is equipped with three humidification levels, a status display, and an intuitive alarm management system.


Prisma VENT AQUA has three operating modes:
• NHW (Non-Heated Wire) – Operation without heated wire and temperature sensor
• HWC (Heated Wire Calculated) – Operation with heated wire but without temperature sensor
• HWT (Heated Wire Temperature) – Operation with heated wire and temperature sensor When it is switched on, Prisma VENT AQUA automatically detects the connected accessories and selects the corresponding operating mode.

Safe and efficient
• Intuitive alarm management
• Can be used with different non-invasive ventilators

• Simple use with two symbol keys
• Automatic function detection upon start-up
• Three humidification levels
• Humidification status display


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