Portable RO (WRO 300)

WRO 300 H Reverse Osmosis Dialysis Water System Description

The first 510(k) portable reverse osmosis water system with automated hot water disinfection. The WRO 300 H has been designed to overcome the problem of microbiological build-up in portable dialysis water systems that may have extended idle periods.

By integrating an automated heat disinfection system into the unit, the WRO 300 H system is engineered and manufactured to be clean by design.


  • Portable, compact, and easy to operate with a very low noise level
  • Additional automated procedures and internal diagnostic minimize home patient and caregiver involvement
  • Programmable automated flushing and continuous product water loop eliminate stagnation and ensure system cleanliness
  • A continuous product water loop minimizes water volume requirements for purified water production
  • Automated processes ensure consistency with disinfection procedures
  • End-to-end disinfection with qualified dialysis machines


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