Prisma 30 ST- Löwenstein Medical

prisma30ST is the device of choice for patients who suffer from respiratory insufficiency, e.g., position-dependent hypoventilation and/or COPD with associated Sleep-Disordered Breathing. A broad pressure range, diverse automatic functions, process-supporting, and comfort-enhancing attributes ensure safe, effective, and whisper-quiet BiLevel ST therapy Made in Germany.


Major features at a glance

• Ventilation modes CPAP, APAP, S, S/T, autoS/T, aPCV, T
• Large pressure range 4 – 30 hPa
• Maximum flexibility in BiLevel modes:
– Additional pressure relief (Bi soft 1/2)
– Automatic pressure adjustment (autoPDIFF)
– autoTriLevel for additional, safe breathing comfort
• Settable target volume (300 ml – 2000 ml)
• High level of safety with automatic or permanently set backup frequency
• SCOPES for indication-related pre-settings and quick therapy start
• Deep sleep and respiratory stability indicators for sleep quality assessment
• Diverse comfort functions such as autoSTART, autoSTOP, softSTART, softSTOP, pressure relief softPAP
• Modern connectivity: telemedicine (telemonitoring, telesetting), SD, PSG, LAN
• With smartAQUAcontrol (with use of prismaAQUA): intelligent humidification without extra sensors


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