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  • BMC Full Face Mask


    • AutoFit cushion

    The shaped groove on the cushion provides an inclusive range adapting to most of the face contours.

    • Slim forehead brace

    A balance between the reinforced stability and the widened vision is achieved by the slim brace inspired by the minimalist concept.

    • Multifunctional port

    Two embedded ports on the bilateral sides of the main frame make the oxygen inpor pressure test as convenient as possible.

    • Ball & socket elbow

    The universal elbow allows the user to turn over freely as needed.

    • Modular design

    Three cushion sizes are compatible with the same frame. All size kit is available for your choice.

  • JOYCEclinic FF

    Our single patient use mask JOYCEclinic FF for acute Non-Invasive Ventilation (NIV) has established itself in clinical practice. You’ll see how the familiar quality from Löwenstein Medical helps you in your daily work.

    JOYCEclinic FF comes in three sizes in the variants NV , NV with Anti-Asphyxia Valve (Leakage 1) and vented with AAV (Leakage 2)The endoscope adapter, available as a practical accessory, allows bronchoscopy to be made without interrupting ventilation.

  • Pneumocare Full Face Mask

    PneumoCare’s Easy2Clean Mask is a Silicone Full Face Mask with easy to clean technology for use with ICU Ventilators or BiPAP/CPAP machines.

    The unique mask design comes with an Auto Adjustable Frame and a Fused Dual Wall Soft Silicone Cushioning which not only provides exceptional comfort to the patient but also delivers in terms of quality and performance.