Prisma 25 ST(Bi-Pap with ST Mode)- Löwenstein Medical

prisma25ST is the therapy device of choice in cases of obstructive, mixed or complex sleep apnea with comorbidities. Maximum flexibility with BiLevel settings, diverse automatic functions, process supporting and comfort-enhancing attributes ensure safe, effective and whisper quiet BiLevel-ST therapy Made in Germany.


Major features at a glance

• Ventilation modes: CPAP, APAP, S, S/T, T, autoS, autoS/T
• Large touchscreen and smart menu navigation for intuitive and quick operation
• Maximum flexibility with BiLevel modes:
– additional pressure relief (Bi soft 1/2)
– automatic pressure adjustment (autoPDIFF)
– autoTriLevel for additional, safe breathing comfort
• Deep sleep and respiratory stability indicators for sleep quality assessment
• High level of safety with automatic or permanently set backup frequency
• SCOPES for indication-related pre-settings and quick therapy start
• Diverse comfort functions such as autoSTART, autoSTOP,softSTART, pressure relief softPAP
• Modern connectivity: telemedicine (telemonitoring, telesetting), SD, PSG, LAN
• With smartAQUAcontrol (with use of prismaAQUA): intelligent humidification without extra sensors


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