SUCTION MACHINE (Portable) LC 27 Atmos

When considering the benefits, we didn’t just ask ourselves what they should be. We first and foremost asked people who are forced to rely on bronchial suction devices and those who work with them every day. The most frequent responses we encountered were “self-explanatory” and “immediately read to use”, but also “safe” and “portable”. Inspired and motivated by this feedback, e drew on our decades of expertise in the field of bronchial suction and designed a new bronchial suction device for home and outpatient care: the ATMOS LC 27.


Especially those patients who are mobile desire a suction solution that enables them to perform bronchial suction when they’re on the go. That is why the ATMOS LC 27 comes in both a mains operated and a battery-operated version. It only weighs 3.5 kg and comes with a matching carrying bag so you can take the bronchial suction device with you wherever you go. The powerful battery guarantees that you’ll have the ATMOS LC 27 up and running quickly even on the go and more than 60 minutes of battery life.


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